still random fact about me XD ~

I love SKIP BEAT so much \(^_^)/ I want to do cosplay Mogami Kyoko along with her other versions ~ Angels (prisoner), Mio (Dark Moon), Setsuka Heels, and her Love me Section outfit >__<

Mogami Kyoko is precious to me for some reasons :)

me as Setsuka Heel (Kyoko Mogami)
@epi_corner as Cain Heel
at Megaxus Cosplay 2012

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err… got tagged by @kevinoinky and @satorikun about 20 random facts about me >////<

1. my id “oruntia” taken from Vivi Ornitier —-> orunitiaa

2. love green and white

3. obsessed with Ariel The Little Mermaid XDD ——> my most dream cosplay

4. love swimming ~ I do it every week. I only mastered breaststroke style >__< I hope @irvinibrahim willing to teach me backstroke style >_< pretty pleaseee…

5. animal lover ~ especially cat

6. big fans of movies.

7. love all kinds of noodles :) also spagetti and ramen. trying to avoid meat, santan foods, and gorengan (~___~)

8. don’t give me pillow (~_____~)

9. currently a design freelancer. i’m in the process building my own studio with my best friend \(^_^)/

10. listening slow music when I am working specially when working on details
~ I really love and never get bored of hearing “Over The Rainbow” XDD ~~~

11. Love travelling

12. Prefer pretty face guy than ordinary handsome/ cool guy or muscular guy.
—-> calm, beauty, graceful but deadly <3

13. sexiest man in the world to me is man who love cooking <3 

14. got cursed with “A” wkwwk
My ex boyfriends, close friends (male) names always begin with “A” ~ LOL

15. faithful

16. I often have trouble breathing TT____TT

17. messy (~_____~)

18. gaptek ~ I don’t know gaptek in english XDD

19. love hugged by someone

20. I don’t like sarcastically-satire through social media if there is something worng with me ~ just come and say it directly.

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photo by Andhika Mapparessa at 2010
OOC photo of female elf arcana robe ~ Lineage 2 XDD
#lineage2 #20factsaboutme #ooc #lol

as female elf ~ arcana robe Lineage II

#throwback ~ Megaxus Cosplay competitions 2010 
photo taken Andhika Mapparessa ~ stop action stage photo

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one of my fave costumes. Sad but truth no one photographers can captures my costume details TT___TT