Magiweek 2014- Day 7: Family

The theme of Family is huge in Magi, and I wanted to do a tribute to all the families! There are others I wanted to cover (like the Kou households and the Magnoshuttat teachers) but time did not allow for it! I tried to get in some characters we haven’t seen in a while~

There are a lot of characters I’ve never drawn before and I wanted to try a cute little thing. I hope you like it! I want to squish all of them~

I don’t always draw Magi characters, but when I do, I draw all of them *Dos Equis Man pose*

Artist’s note: I lost it when I drew the Mogamett and Sana ;A;

~ Solomon and Ugo costume ~

The Resistance Group costume looks easy and simple but actually difficult to do TT____TT I did several time redo the skirt. I spent my last weekend to solve the pattern >_< glad my sis helped me *hugs

I choose Solomon for costume example…actually I did Ugo and Arba too. The costume is same but only Solomon and Sheba doesn’t wear collar.

==Solomon Jehoahaz Abraham and Uraltugo Noi Nueph - Magi Labyrinth of Magic==

note: I really like Solomon and Ugo. I put all of my effort to do this costume >___<

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~happy birthday Julehaaaa~

lol no… I mean happy birthday Julia or Pittara @kukangskye ~ we love you always ~

moga panjang umur, sehat selalu, segala keinginan dikabulkan Tuhan, selalu awesome ~ daaan…. tetap menjadi “H and M” doctor *kabur sblm diiket

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